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Favourite Budget-Friendly Highlighters

If there's one beauty product I never thought I would love, it's highlighter. As an oily-skinned, acne prone girl, the thought of adding a product to my face that will give my skin a sheen and accentuate any blemishes would have made me shudder once upon a time yet here we are, in 2016, and I more or less dust myself in the stuff rigorously every morning. Although it can make oily skin look oilier and it certainly draws attention to areas of skin that are in less than good condition, I can't get enough of the stuff as it can make my mostly matte makeup application a bit of depth and life.

Highlighters have become a staple beauty products in the last couple of years thanks to those disco ball strobing and highly detailed/time consuming contour looks that have been knocking around and of course, this has led people to rant and rave about some of the best highlighters out there. As if by coincidence, the most well-loved and most popular of these products have been up there in the higher price range, but I think that's a load of bull - there's plenty of highlighters out there on the market which will still give you a great glow for a fraction of the price. If you're interested in which ones I think are worth their small price points, carry on reading!

Essence soo glow! Cream to Powder Highlighters - I've got to say, when it comes to using cream or powder products, I will always use powder no questions asked but after seeing a rave review about these cream offerings many moons ago, I was too intrigued to say no. Essence are a great budget brand and I regularly use their lipliners and lipsticks so I had high hopes for these highlighters. I picked up both shades as they retail at around a, couple of pounds each and fell in love - particularly with the more pearly white shade, "10 look on the bright side" but the pink, "20 bright up your life" shade is also great. These are just fab. They're really pigmented considering their cheap price, they apply really well onto bare skin (so perfect for holiday skin or if you don't need foundation - you lucky sons of guns you), and apply great on top of foundation with a gentle hand too. They're best applied before any setting powders etc. are used otherwise they will just lift and remove the foundation in the area you're applying them, but other than that, they're absolutely perfect. Not tacky, not too glittery, but still give a lovely glow and sheen to the skin. They also have a great wear time on them too.

Makeup Academy (MUA) Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder - (Okay, so honestly, don't look too closely at this product on the photos because yeah I know, the condition of it is absolutely revolting. I keep my makeup in *the best*~ condition!) For a long long time, this was my go-to highlighter. I wore it every single day and the only reason I don't now is because The Balm's Mary Lou has stolen my heart and daily face. This pinky rose goldy shade (or Powder Pink to use it's actual shade name) really suits my pale skin tone and the pay off of the product is phenomenal for it only costing £3. MUA are another great budget brand and they have since brought out other shades in the same formula as well as new liquid highlighting products, so there should be a shade and formula to suit everyone. I think this pink toned highlight is the best all-rounder though and again, it's not got big glittery particles in it, but it can definitely be built up to give a more shimmery, evening out on the tiles finish. I still pull this battered one out of my collection now and again as its so effortless to use, so if you're in need of a new highlight and you don't know which to try, this one is a great place to start.

Collection Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit - Now, if you're looking for an affordable contour palette, not just a highlight, then this is the one for you. The palette is pretty big which is a bonus for its tiny price point, and the two powders are great. The contour shade might not be for everyone (if you're a fellow pale angel then it might be a little warm for you - I tend to buff it up over my cheekbones to diffuse it and use it kinda as a bronzer too) and if you're a dark skinned princess, it might not be dark enough to get a great shadow effect, but its still highly pigmented and only needs a light hand for a great result. Now, for the highlight. Its a pearly creamy shade with not a lot of glitter to it so it is perfect for daily use and for more subtle looks. I like to use this one for "no makeup makeup days" or for work as its not too noticeable, but if you catch it in the sunlight/daylight, it gives your skin such a lovely glow. Again, because this one is so subtle, it is very buildable, but the wear time isn't as strong as the others mentioned in this post. This doesn't bother me but I will warn you if you are thinking about buying this duo, the powders are pretty powdery. I find myself having to shake off a lot of access powder from both the brush and the pan so the colours don't mix and create a mess. But if you need a whole contour look for around £4, this one is the one to try.

L'Oréal Paris Lumi Magique Primer - This is such a marmite product for me but I always come back to it. If you have dry skin, I feel like you will love this product as it just doesn't sit too well or too long on oily skin if used as an all-over primer however, used as a highlight? It's bang on the money. This is a liquid product so it can be worked into the skin really easily but can also be built up easily too. This one is great for no makeup days of for getting the most out of your holiday skin glow and is great for adding a sheen to your collarbone area if you are sunning yourself somewhere exotic. I like to sometimes mix this in with my foundation to get a "glow from within" vibe, or I will simply layer it up under my foundation on my cheekbones or under my eyes to give my skin a bit of a boost under my makeup. A really lovely versatile product that shouldn't irritate sensitive skin. Result! This one retails for around £10 so its pushing up into the pricier side of budget makeup, but if you have dry skin or you like your primers to make you glow, this is worth investing in.

Well, there you have it guys, my top drugstore, super cheap as chips highlight picks. What are some of your favourite highlighter gems you've found lately?

- A.
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