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BeautyUK Pin Up Palette

Happy Hump Day you lovely lot, this week's beauty post is a wee review of a new palette that has recently came into my possession. BeautyUK are an affordable UK makeup brand who I've been very keen to try but haven't had the chance to yet. That changed a couple of weeks ago when I managed to win this eyeshadow palette on their twitter page! The palette line comes in eight shade collections which range from neutral nudes, to cool tone greys and blues, to bright vibrant rainbow shades. This particular palette is No.2, "Pin Up" and it was definitely the most appealing to me so I was over the moon when I won it. These palettes retails for £5.49 so they're extremely affordable as you're getting eight shadows for just over a fiver. The Pin Up palette is a mix of four matte shades and four shimmers - one of which is more of a chunky glitter shadow than a shimmer - so let's see what I think of them.

Generally, I like these shadows. They're a little powdery and can be a little bit chalky, but when you begin to work with them, they do soften up and blend quite nicely. Usually cheap matte eyeshadows aren't that great but these ones are pretty good! I particularly like the peachy pale orange/tan shade in the bottom left of the palette as it creates a lovely warmth on the lid and is a great shade for using in the crease or as an all over shade for blending. The paler more milk chocolate brown shade is also beautiful in the crease or on the outer edge of the eye.

The shimmers are what really makes this palette amazing to use, though. There's a pale pink shade that has the finest shimmer of them all and is such a delicate shade it would look beautiful as a highlight on the high points of the face, too. The shiny gold coin shade is the star of the show though - just look at those swatches below! It is almost like gold foil and I was so impressed with the pigmentation of it. It's not patchy and glides onto the lid so easily with no drag. The gold shimmer in the pan (bottom right) is the oddest one for me in the palette but not for a bad reason. It's base colour is almost a dark brown/plum purple but has large chunks of gold glitter/shimmer running through it. Despite the glitter being chunky, it looks so lovely on the eye because it's such a unique and distinct shade that is almost iridescent depending on the angle you look at it.

First photo: shadows used dry, Second photo: shadows used wet

As you can probably see from the swatches above, the palest matte shade (the creamy shade in the top right of the palette) is a real dud. Even when applied wet, there's no real colour pay off unless you really layer and layer it but it's so powdery and chalky that layering it just won't work. Despite the dud, I think this palette is definitely worth its more than reasonable price tag. The shadows do have a lot of kickback when you stick your brush into them and the chunky glitter shade is definitely applied best with your trusty digits as oppose to a brush, but they do have great pigmentation both dry and wet. They do however also have some fall out when you apply them which is worth noting if you're using the dark brown shade so you don't end up with it all over your undereyes and nose!

The packaging is very basic and typical of an affordable drugstore style brand and you can tell the silver foil writing on the outside will wear off in no time, but it seems quite sturdy and you can't expect outstanding packaging for £5 really. Each shadow is a good size and as I said earlier, the fact that the palette includes eight shades which are a mix of mattes and shimmers, it is perfect for travelling or for those of you who might just be starting a collection. Now that I've tried out some BeautyUK products, I can honestly say I'm really impressed. For the price, this product is really impressive so I can't wait to try more from the brand. I'm particularly intrigued to try the Earth Child Eyeshadow Palette (that is only £3.99?!) and their Lips Matter liquid lipstick range too.

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