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L'Oréal Pure Clay Glow Kit

Happy hump day lovelies! Now, before we kick off this post, I already know you will have seen every girl and her gran raving about this latest skincare launch from L'Oréal, but that's exactly why I'm also hopping on the bandwagon and doing a review of some of the goodies, too. So L'Oréal have recently released their "Pure Clay" range, starting off with their face masks. They have a small range of masks all designed to do different things (detoxify the skin, mattify, glow) and they're advertised together - using each one to tackle different sections of your face. Now, although my face is super oily and often congested due to my acne and wearing makeup everyday, it was actually the "glow" mask which appealed to me the most. It had such positive reviews online and as I've been wearing no foundation now since July, I figured anything that makes my skin look more radiant is a winner for me.

When the masks launched, I was hesitant to snap one up as I was working my way through a few others, but when I saw the launch of the daily scrubs in the same range, I finally gave in and caved. So after a tiring day at work, I picked up both the glow mask and glow scrub and started testing them out. Now I bet some of you are thinking "hey Amy you said that you were hooked on using coconut oil as your daily cleanser - why are you using this now?!" and I'll tell you why. I'm still using coconut oil every evening as my second cleanse as it keeps my skin looking healthy and insanely hydrated, but I noticed my skin was desperately lacking an exfoliant. Although my skin is still oily on a whole, since going foundation-free, my skin has to deal with it's fair share of flaky dry patches so an exfoliant was needed.

So let's talk about this glow scrub first. These Pure Clay scrubs retail for around £5.99 and have 150ml in the tube. The packaging is sleek and quite classic and I personally like the muted mint green shade of the tubes/pots which is very reminiscent of Pixi Woo. The glow scrub is for daily use so I have been using it most mornings unless I am using a more intensive exfoliant. Strangely, this product isn't advertised as a scrub but as a "foam wash" despite not really being that foaming but definitely a gentle scrub. The formula is very smooth, it has a slight clay/medicinal smell but it's nothing overpowering or unpleasant, and the exfoliants in it are minute so initially I didn't really feel them on my first application. This scrub includes 3 pure clays: Kaolin, Montmorillonite, and Ghassoul as well as red algae which I imagine is the main culprit of it's red terracotta shade. The packagining helpfully includes information about each main ingredient and what it aims to do:
- Kaolin: a highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum.
- Montmorillonite: rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections.
- Ghassoul: a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals, renowned to help clarify complexions.
- Red Algae: known for it's brightening properties.

Now, all of that mumbo jumbo aside (I don't know much about natural skincare properties of things like this) I think this scrub is great. The packaging promises that users will see results immediately after the first use and I would argue that they're not far off. Like I said earlier, I really love my coconut oil but I was kind of missing something I could really work into my skin - especially around my nose area/blackhead central - and this stuff fills that void and really cleanses my pores. This is the first scrub I've used that doesn't make my skin feel uncomfortably tight or stripped after use yet it still reduces pores and it definitely lives up to it's name as it gives my skin the most radiant complexion I've had in a long long time.

And now, the mask. The packaging - again - is lovely and I especially like the slight feel of luxury you have with the mask packaging in particular. The tub has quite a bit of weight to it and just the little touches like the fact that it has a removable internal lid to keep the mask completely covered is something you only tend to see in pricier masks despite this one costing just £7.99. Packaging aside, the product itself is very similar to the scrub. It has the same clays included and the red algae and it also has a scrub-like consistency as it has a "beaded, creamy texture" which definitely helps buff away any dead skin and get skin illuminated when it is time to was it off. The 50ml tub is supposed to do 10 applications but obviously this depends on how heavy or light handed you are with how much you apply. Following the instructions, the mask should be applied as a thin layer and left to dry for 5-1o minutes before being removed with just warm water or with a towel also. I tend to remove it with a muslin cloth just to get in that little bit extra exfoliation.

The most notable thing about this mask is the claim that you will see instant and lasting results from your very first use and of course, L'Oréal are not the first skincare range to say this. According to this mask, you will notice that your skin is softer, smoother, and brighter after your first initial use and if you carry on using 2-3 times a week, you will notice your pores beginning to tighten and see skin textured refine after one week, then skin will be "transformed" with an even healthy glow. Now, this all sounds very promising and I'm not doubting that some of this will actually happen because I did notice a different almost instantly. My first try of this mask made my skin super soft and my skin did have a healthy luminosity to it which I struggle to have naturally without the aid of light-reflecting skincare products, so it's definitely getting a thumbs up from me so far. It's a really comfortable mask to wear as well so it doesn't dry overly tight across the face and it doesn't strip the skin and make it feel dried out like many masks do. It doesn't have a strong scent and as mentioned earlier, it looks quite nice sat on a skincare shelf.

All in all I'd say this range is well worth testing out and I've got to get my hands on the detoxifying products to try out soon too.

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