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The Maxi to Beat All Maxis

Happy Monday my loves! I hope you all have productive and enjoyable weeks. I'm super looking forward to this week just being over and done with as I'm finally going home to the north east next Monday and although I visited home just four months ago, it feels like an eternity and I just can't wait to get back to see friends and family. I *love* Newcastle and Durham and I think I've mentioned it before here on NB about how much more I appreciate so many different aspects of my home cities now that I don't get to be in them every day. Durham is just magical - especially on a sunny or a crisp snowy winter day as the cathedral, castle, and riverside alone make it look straight out of medieval film (or you know, Harry Potter wink wink), and the architecture, culture, and buzz of everything Newcastle has to offer was always something I overlooked when I was younger but now I see it for all its beauty.

But aside from wishing my life away, I've also made a few further changes to my lifestyle and I suppose this post is as good as time as any to let you all in on one change in particular - my spending habits when it comes to fashion. I talked about saying goodbye to fast fashion and trying to curb my spending back in May and whilst I definitely have and I've managed to get rid of *so* much of my wardrobe, I haven't managed to harness my spending how I wanted to yet. I am still slowly working my way towards a more concise capsule wardrobe which is getting smaller and smaller each month (which I'm super happy about), but I want to also change *how* I source new items. I talked about sustainable fashion in my fast fashion post and explained just a few ways about how many fast fashion high street stores aren't sustainable and are actually harming the environment and therefore I want to look more into ethical, resourceful, and environmentally-friendly brands but also turning to the thrifting life. Thrifting has become a massive trend thanks to the likes of YouTube and I honestly think it's such a good movement and pleased to say it's influenced me positively. I am now only sourcing "new" clothing from second hand stores, vintage and charity shops, eBay and depop, and of course any hand-me-downs or swaps with friends. I thought it was fitting to mention here as this Asos dressed featured here is my last fast fashion purchase and I hope it remains the very last one I ever make.

Asos Ditsy Maxi Dress | Gracie Roberts Vegan Leather Bag |
Matalan Sandals (same available from Boohoo - and in the sale too!)

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